Noptic Maritime Usage

In Which I Fanboy Over the Noptic

Here is a warning going into this blog post.  I am going to fan boy pretty hard about a system that uses technology that has been readily available since about 2002.  This is not about a universe changing event.  This is just me talking about a collection of good parts that came together in exactly the right way for a couple of very specific applications.  

It all started some years back when my long time friend and fellow night vision guy Ken Frank called me and started talking about how he was strapping thermal imagers onto police cars where the spotlight goes.  It output into a screen inside the car.  As a former Raytheon dealer, I had sold thermal imagers put on vehicles before, but they were remote pan/tilt.  This seemed like a step backwards.  I politely told him it wasn’t a fit for me.

The years rolled by.  Ken is consistent, and I admire that.  The product got baby steps better.  LED lights, then the ability to plug directly into the laptop.  I was getting interested, and then he dropped the bomb on me.  They made a new version, and it was rated for maritime use.  

So… a thermal imager and spot light that I can mount onto a small patrol boat and use to detect people and objects in the water up to a kilometer out for less than $5K (less than $4K while on sale)?  Don’t threaten me with a good time!

Let’s face it: maritime thermal systems are stupid expensive.  Having a remote operated pan/tilt system on a boat is enough to make you let your dinner go free if you stare at it in high seas – ya know, the kinds that cause people to end up in the water needing rescue.  With this system on a small boat, the pilot will likely be the one running the thermal/searchlight and will also be in charge of the speed and direction of the boat.  This is an organic system that provides the best imagery possible.  It really is a huge capability for very little money.  I recommend it for all types of end use.  From patrol use to civilian use.  I did confess my fan status up front.

That’s not it, though.  They are also very cool on ground-based vehicles – and don’t limit yourself to thinking it has to go on the driver’s door pillar.  Want to put one on the roof like the Park Rangers and Lifeguards used to put hand controlled spotlights on top of their trucks?  We can figure it out and make it happen.

How about a low cost thermal/spotlight setup for your pintle mounted weapon system?  We could output it directly into a see-through HUD.  OK, probably over $5K at this point… but totally worth it.

Of course, if you really do want to put it on the driver side of your police car, like the manufacturer intended, then we can do that.  If you’ll check out the Noptic, then I know you’ll see at least one problem it solves that has been driving you crazy.  

So, yeah – thanks Ken!  I’m a fan.

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  1. Interested in the Omni 7. But you don’t have a phone number, or email, or location. Concerned. Need to ask questions.

    Need specs and image through the tube. Also, difference between , and explanation of, the 4 different options.

    Also, no way to change products in cart. Need more confidence here.



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