About Adams Industries, Inc.

We formed Adams Industries in 1994 as La Agencia Mundial, Sociedad Anonimo — which is Spanish for The Global Agency, Inc. The focus of the original business was Latin America. Once we became a registered exporter of technologies under the jurisdiction of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), we secured a helicopter company and a night vision manufacturer to represent throughout Latin America.

Business started very strong, and we almost immediately sold a helicopter to Chile. This was followed by night vision sales to Ecuador. At this point, the limitations of a Spanish company name were becoming obvious since potential customers around the world had shown interest in us. Due to this global interest, we decided to officially change our name, La Agencia Mundial, Sociedad Animo, to our acronym, LAMSA, which is how you’ve most likely heard of us.

Adams Industries provides low cost technology solutions for government, law enforcement, and military needs. We manage a trusted cadre of suppliers and are therefore able to continue providing extremely attractive pricing on only the highest quality equipment. Today, we also engineer and manufacture high technology products that either address unsatisfied market needs or address those needs better than existing products do.

We hope you find our products to be as rock solid for you as they are a source of pride for us.

Best Regards,

Chris Adams, President
Adams Industries, Inc.