NOPTIC Search Light & Thermal Imager System

Large vehicle mounted thermal imagers are expensive and require extensive modification to the vehicle. Search lights lack the range to find those wanting to be found, and the stealth to snare those who do not. If you have either of these problems, then the NOPTIC is the answer.

Original price was: $4,200.00.Current price is: $3,250.00.

The challenges are clear to those who know. Law Enforcement struggles to find people who don’t want to be found in an endless variety of scenarios and environments. Search & Rescue are tasked with finding those who may not be able to aid in their own rescue, and let’s face it – wild pigs would rather be tearing up property and making more wild pigs than they would getting shot. Three very distinct end uses that the NOPTIC can be a game changer for.

The Right Tool for Law Enforcement: By installing in the standard spotlight location on a police car, the NOPTIC is the easiest vehicle thermal imager to install and maintain on fleet vehicles. No extensive rewiring is needed. No massive modification to the vehicle.

The NOPTIC is the only thermal imager on the market that is not limited by department policies. A handheld thermal imager may be the most versatile tool an officer can have, but the sad truth is that 99% of these units purchased by departments spend 99% of the time in the trunk of the car because of department policy. When you have a NOPTIC, it’s PART OF THE CAR and there to help. Here is a list of just some of the ways the NOPTIC can help your officers.

Makes Search & Rescue and Maritime Operations Safer for Everyone: Any vehicle that you might put a spot light on is a prime candidate for a NOPTIC. Have a Snowcat? Then you can have a thermal imaging rescue vehicle. Small boats for shore and/or riverine interdiction and SAR? Another opportunity to use the power of thermal imaging to catch bad guys and rescue good people who need help. You can also put one on your SAR truck, if you don’t have anything cooler like a Snowcat. The list of search & rescue and maritime benefits a NOPTIC provides is limitless, but let’s start with these for now.

A Potent Tool Against Invasive Species: While there are many invasive species the NOPTIC can help eradicate, let’s talk about the apex invasive species on Earth: the wild pig. Wild pigs cause $1.5 billion dollars a year in property damage in the United States alone, and that number along with the number of pigs increases every year. They have no natural predators in the United States besides man. They are winning the war and it’s time to level the playing field. The NOPTIC provides standoff detection of wild pigs that are obscured from detection by the naked eye. It can not only tell you where pigs are when you’re hunting them, it can also tell you where they may be lest they’re hunting you. A quick scan with a NOPTIC could be what stands between you and getting out of your truck into a pack of startled, and therefore dangerous, wild animals. Just like with law enforcement vehicles, the NOPTIC can easily install in your truck, and may help you protect your property, or even save your life.

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