NOPTIC search Light & Thermal Imager System Technical Specifications

NOPTICClick here for more information on the NOPTIC Search Light & Thermal Imager System
Detector Type:Uncooled Microbolometer, Vanadium Oxide (VoX)
Resolution:320 x 240 / 25μm
Lens Materials:Germanium with durable hard carbon exterior coating
Startup Time:2 seconds
Calibration:Fully Automatic
Detection:Man-sized target at 1000ft (300m) depending on object size and contrast
Field of View (FOV):36° x 27° (f/1.4)
Lens Type:Fixed (Auto-Compensated for temp variations)
Output:NTSC Compatible Frame Rate: Std. 30Hz (International 9Hz Models)
Image:White Hot
Power:9-16V (operating range), Protected against over voltage, jump start, reverse battery
Operating Temps:-40°to 80°C, Functional to 12,000′ @ +185°F
Environmental:IEC level IP67/69(High pressure spray, and submersible)
Heater:Activates automatically at temperatures below 40°F to prevent ice formation
Compliance Rating(s):Camera is Automotive OEM compliant (which is more stringent than FCC Part 15 Compliant)

NOPTIC NV3 Infrared Focal Plane Array
Type & MaterialPassive IR uncooled Microbolometer
Resolution/Pitch320 x 240 /25 μm
Spectral Response8 – 14μm
Window TypeGermanium w/durable hard carbon exterior coating
Thermal Imaging Performance
Start-Up Time~ 2 seconds*Note 1
Contrast/BrightnessFully Automatic
Detection RangeMan-Sized Target at 1000ft (300m)
Input Voltage9 to 16 VDC Protected against over voltage,jump start, reverse battery
Power Consumption≤ 2W (Nominal)
Field of View36° x 27° (f/1.4)
Min. Focus Distance~ 25ft (8m)
Focus MethodFixed, Automatically Compensates for Temperature Variations
Infrared Video
Output FormatNTSC Compatible Frame Rate: 30Hz or 9Hz (to be specified by part number)
IR PolarityWhite Hot
Pan/Tilt Functions
Pan TravelTilt Travel (Horizontal)Full rotational movement controlled by normal spotlight manipulation
Pan Rate (Nominal)Manual
Tilt Rate (Nominal)Manual
LengthWidthHeightWeight2.9″ (72mm)2.3″ (58mm)2.2″ (56mm)Less than 1 lb
Temperature Range-40°C to +80°C (-40°F to +175°F)
Max Storage Temp.-54°C to +94°C (-65°F to +200°F)
Functional AltitudeStorage AltitudeFunctional up to 12,000 ft @ +185°FStorage up to 39,000 ft @ -65°F
Water ResistanceIEC level IP67/69, High pressure spray, Submersible
EMI/EMCExceeds FCC Part 15 Compliancy*Note 2
Optional Part Numbers
PSV-1000-USBUSB Cable Interface Cable w/Video Capture Software
NOTE 1: Video not present during the first 2 seconds after the system turns on.NOTE 2: (FCC Compliance) This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.

Theft and Vandalism Deterrence

The NV3 NOPTIC method of installation was designed to provide easy, external mounting on existing spotlight hardware.


NV3 NOPTIC can be stored at temperatures up to 200°F (94°C).


The NV3 NOPTIC requires a power source between 9 to 16VDC that is capable of delivering at least 3 amps (12VDC is nominal) and is designed for use with a negative ground system. Improper connection could result in equipment damage.


Do not attempt to service the NV3 NOPTIC system as it may void the warranty. The NOPTIC is not intended or warranted for the following environmental conditions.


Repeated exposure and operation in sand or other abrasive grit.
Mounting orientations other than upright for the Pan/Tilt Camera.
High vibration or shock beyond that of typical on-road, off-road, or sea-faring vessel conditions.
Outdoor exposure to the elements for the Electronics Module.
Applications that subject front of Pan/Tilt Camera to oncoming debris capable of breaking the front optics such as rocks and low hanging branches. (See ‘Debris Protection’ feature in Care and Maintenance section).

Installation of the NOPTIC system is straight-forward. Utilizing the installation instructions included with your NOPTIC shipment, simply remove your existing post mount spotlight head and replace it with the NOPTIC camera /spotlight head assembly. The systems wiring can then be routed as noted in the Installation procedure. Your local fleet installer can also provide other options for wire routing in the vehicle depending on your particular viewing application. See your Video System Operating Manual to determine the connector type and for ordering information on the compatible cable required with the RCA output jack on the controller.