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Important Information About Purchasing Products on This Site – PLEASE READ!

Non-U.S. Buyers – Non-U.S. Shipping Address – PLEASE READ! 
All products for sale on this website cannot be purchased directly by foreign nationals or shipped to non-US locations except by pre-arranged RFQ/Agreement. Please DO NOT submit an electronic order on this website if you are a non-US citizen or if you are a US citizen with a shipping address outside of the United States – your order will be rejected and a restocking fee will be assessed and automatically subtracted from any refund you may be owed. Your refund may also be delayed due to internal processing times.

Many of the products displayed on this website cannot be sold to the general public. Please read the following carefully before you attempt to purchase products on this site. Failure to comply with our Terms & Conditions could result in criminal prosecution.  

Products marked as “Sales Restricted” can only be sold to Law Enforcement or Active Duty Military personnel.

Products marked as “Export Restricted” are controlled by the International Traffic In Arms (ITAR) regulations and CANNOT be transported, sold, or in any way transferred outside the United States, or to a citizen of a foreign country without a license issued by the Department of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC). Information on the ITAR and DDTC can be found here: