Litton Mx10130 Omni IV G3 Tube – GRADE A


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Omni IV 3rd Generation MX10130 PVS-7 Image Intensifier Night Vision Tubes are from a time of lower technology but they sure took pride in their work and product. Even now these units are performers and are ready to go into PVS-7s or perhaps clip-ons that accept this style of tube.

These tubes were in government service for a brief period. They were delivered at the end of the Omni IV contract and when the Omni V tubes came along the government decided to upgrade their existing units. That’s right, back in the days when the tube was 90% of the cost of the total unit, they decided to rip the tubes out and put the new tubes into housings that had already been fielded. Let that set in for a moment.

What was pretty much a crime against the taxpayers back then is why we have these wonderful pieces of high technology history today. The tubes were hidden in a warehouse for decades, and finally they are available while they last through Adams Industries, Inc.

I love how they used to cast the individual serial number directly into the housing of the tube. This shows how much more of a premium product tubes were back then. While night vision is pretty pedestrian today, each one of these was an exotic piece of bleeding edge technology back then. They were worth casting the serial number into it.

Grade A: These tubes are the exception to the rule(s). No black cosmetic blemishes in zones 1 or 2. Zero high light bright spots*. These are the tubes they used to take pictures through for the advertisements that gave everybody a false perception of how clean night vision was back then. This is why they sell for a premium and since we pull them aside when they become apparent as we test tubes, there may be a wait for your tube. When you get a unit built with one of these, you will feel like one of the guys who got the really good stuff back in the day. It’ll only cost you $850.

Currently the Omni IV 3rd Generation MX10130 image intensifiers are available in five different grades: GRADE A; GRADE A-MINUS; GRADE B-PLUS; GRADE B; and GRADE B-MINUS.

This item is subject to export restrictions aka the ITAR. If you are not a US citizen or if you reside outside the Continental USA then DO NOT buy this item.

* High Light Bright spots are NOT emission points. They are stable bright spots seen only in high light and they do not grow with time. An emission point will be generally visible in high or low light and they are not stable. They will frequently blink or “squirm” for lack of a better term. Also, they grow over time and they will eat your tube. This is why even an otherwise perfect tube with an emission point will be sold through a vehicle such as eBay with full disclosure that the tube is a ticking time bomb and it WILL be eaten by the emission point(s) some day. Might take years. Might take a couple months.


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