PVS-14 with Omni 7 Image Intensifier Tube

Unlock exceptional night vision with the Adams Industries PVS-14, featuring the Omni 7 Image Intensifier. This edition is all about delivering top-quality specs without the high price tag, providing superior performance that’s budget-friendly. Why choose between quality and cost when the PVS-14 Omni 7 brings you the best of both worlds?


The Adams Industries PVS-14 Omni 7 Advantage:

The AI/PVS-14 Omni 7 is a standout in night vision technology, offering fantastic performance and incredible value. It’s the smart choice for those who want the most bang for their buck, blending advanced technology with affordability.

Exceptional Clarity and Sensitivity:

The Omni 7 Image Intensifier makes the PVS-14 a powerhouse of night vision capability:

  • Resolution: Crystal-clear vision with at least 64 Ip/mm, so you don’t miss a thing.
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: With a minimum ratio of 28, you get clear images without annoying background noise.
  • Photocathode Sensitivity: Unmatched low-light performance, revealing the hidden details of the night with at least 2,200 uA/lm.
  • Gain: A broad range of 50,000 to 80,000 fL/fc, lighting up the dark and enhancing your visibility.
  • Phosphor Type: P-43 phosphor for easy-on-the-eyes green imaging, making long observations comfortable.

Unrivaled Value:

The PVS-14 Omni 7 redefines what it means to get your money’s worth in night vision technology. It’s the perfect pick for those who want premium night vision without breaking the bank, offering high-quality tech at an accessible price.

Versatility and Reliability:

Designed to adapt to your needs — whether handheld, helmet-mounted, or attached to cameras and weapons — the PVS-14 Omni 7 is ready for anything. Durable and supported by an extensive network, it’s a reliable partner for any adventure or mission.

Customizable Optics for Every User:

Enhance your night vision experience with tailored optics choices for the PVS-14 Omni 7. Catering to diverse operational and personal needs, select from three specialized options:

  • Mil-Spec Carson Optics: The standard in military use and proudly Made in the USA, offering durability and reliability for rigorous use.
  • Light Package: Features a lighter eyepiece combined with the OPFOR mechanical package and Carson Optics objective, resulting in a weight savings of 23 grams for enhanced mobility and comfort.
  • SuperLight Package: Incorporates the same lightweight eyepiece and OPFOR package, paired with the CNV LW objective for ultimate weight reduction. This option trims 33 grams off the total weight but disallows using screw-in objective filters; favoring a sleeker profile for those prioritizing lightness.

Each package is designed to meet specific user requirements, from standard military specifications to weight-saving configurations for extended use. Choose the perfect fit to maximize your night vision capabilities without compromising on quality or performance.

Your Ideal Night Vision Solution:

Choosing the Adams Industries PVS-14 Omni 7 means getting the best technology investment out there. Ideal for any use, from tactical operations to personal exploration, it’s a wise choice for anyone serious about night vision. Get the most tech for your dollar, and never compromise on quality or price.


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Carson Optics Package, Light Optics Package, SuperLight Optics Package

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