Warranty Information

At a minimum, Adams Industries, Inc., provides a one (1) year warranty against failure of the product when used in a normal functional environment, unless otherwise specified (like with some of our specials). Many of our products carry multi-year warranties, and this will be specified in their product information. A selection of our products we obtain from other manufacturers come with extended warranties as well, and these extended warranties will be passed on to you. If you’d like clarification on warranties for any of our product, please do not hesitate to ask.

You might ask, “What does ‘normal functional environment’ mean? Are they going to use this to welch on their obligation?” The answer to the second question is no! The industry we work in doesn’t have the highest reputation for this kind of stuff. This means that the fact that we do have a good reputation is gold to us, and we’ll always go that extra mile to keep that reputation.

As far as “normal functional environment” we mean you, the operator, using common sense. If you spend the money and buy a mil-spec SENTINEL which is guaranteed to be waterproof to 66 feet, then go swimming with it! If you buy a thermal camera that is water resistant, then we don’t want to hear from you when it breaks because you took it scuba diving! By the same token, if you took that thermal camera out in a light rain and it shorted out, we’d fix it. Don’t try to apply the warranty to anything that you threw out of a plane, put a bullet hole through, beat a suspect with, or put a size thirteen boot print on, and we won’t have any problems.

Now, if you purchase a product from us, don’t abuse it, and it just ups and dies, call us. We’ll give you a warranty number to write on its box. Next, ship it to us. We’ll inspect it, figure out what’s wrong, and either fix or replace it.