The PVS-18, Evolved: The Locust Night Vision Monocular

To this day, the PVS-18 is the greatest MX10160 based night vision monocular design ever produced. Its design is efficient, light, and the optics are legendary. There is, however, a problem: the PVS-18 is no longer in production.

The search for a housing for MX10160 tubes leads down several paths: 

  1. Using a PVS-14 parts kit.  The PVS-14’s design is nearly 30 years old. It’s big, heavy, and uses space poorly.  The voltage doubler is inefficient at best. Plus, it’s not even designed for the MX10160. 
  2. Using a commercial housing. Most are outdated designs made in China or Russia with commercial optics. The only decent American one that uses mil-spec optics is nearly $600 for just the housing. 
  3. Seeking desperately for an actual PVS-18 housing. Of course, the PVS-18 being a unit that was commonly issued to guys like SEALs, they’re usually beat to death and then some. 
PVS-18 NV Monocular and Helmet Mount

The PVS-18 Ideal

The PVS-18 Reality

It would all seem pretty hopeless were it not for The Locust. We built the Locust to be the lightest MX10160-based night vision monocular with power management that uses PVS-14 optics and accessories available today, or, frankly, ever. 

Use your own image intensifier tube and optics, or a professional builder can source these for you. You can choose components to build a budget unit or create a world class performer. 

Many Adams Industries’ customers use two Locust housings and a bridge to make modular goggles with redundant power supplies and a total weight lower than dedicated goggles made of aluminum. 

Locust Housing

For a limited time, one of our Locust housings can be purchased – with power management – for $250. Click here to get one today.