Hydra II 640 Fusion Thermal Imaging Clip On

The Hydra II 640 Thermal Imaging Clip On is a dedicated front clip-on that combines thermal imaging information with day/night vision camera information to provide a “fusion” of the best of both worlds. Whether day or night, the user will easily detect targets that would have been missed without this thermal imaging technology.


Fusion imaging is no longer limited to those who have inexhaustible budgets. The common sense approach that Geiger Optronix (DIYCON) took with the Hydra II 640 Fusion Thermal Imaging Clip On was to provide a fused thermal imager / digital night vision / daytime image system to the shooter that provided a 24 hour answer to the age old question: “Which technology should I equip myself with?” In this product, their responses have been eloquent, cost effective, and unparalleled.

The Hydra II 640 has a 12μm thermal sensor with 640×512 pixel resolution. This thermal imaging clip on is combined with a 1920×1080 pixel day/night sensor that provides man-sized target detection out to 950m regardless if it is day or night, or if it is clear weather, rain, or fog.

The Hydra II 640 Fusion attaches to most military and commercial optics. For government orders, adapters can always be designed as needed.

Please specify in your RFQ the make and model of optic(s) you plan to use in your thermal imaging clip on, and we will respond with the perfect package for you.

Thermal Fusion ClipOn/Handheld 640×512 (Medium)


Geiger Optronix (DIYCON)

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