The Sentinel V2 is finally a reality. Lighter and tougher than the original Sentinel NVG, it comes with power management on board — meaning 80+ hours continuous night vision operation on a battery.

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The reality from the first land war in this century where both adversaries experienced logistics failures is clear: war is no place for fragile, unique, and electrically inefficient electronics. Unrepairable field breakages and battery shortages prove that just because something looks good on paper and works well when you’re well supported does not mean it works at all when the lights go out for real for both sides. It is in this reality that the SENTINEL NVG V2 was conceived at Adams Industries, Inc., and here are the results:

The SENTINEL NIGHT VISION GOGGLE V2 is Rugged: It utilizes 7075 Aluminum, Titanium, and Acetal Polymers to assemble a light and extremely rugged package. The wireless design of the SENTINEL V2 means there are literally no wires running through it. Nothing to corrode or fatigue. Its self-healing electrical conduit system both protects the goggle from harm and corrects many of the problems that stop other equipment in the field.

It is Easy to Service: Inside is an electro-optic package comprised of components that are the logistical standard for the USA and its allies. Any SENTINEL V2 anywhere in the world can be serviced and repaired by a technician with access to some of the most common night vision components there are.

It is Efficient: The SENTINEL V2 features technology which utilizes power more efficiently and literally sucks the voltage out of batteries to levels drastically lower than other systems. The resulting reduction of up to more than 50% in battery use for the same operating time can cut a soldier’s battery use in half.

It is Rugged & Light: The computer designed lattice surrounding the pods provides the image intensifiers with even greater than a double hull protection all the way around the most vulnerable portions of the goggle. Simply put, no goggle before now has been as consciously designed to survive on the battlefield.

The SENTINEL V2 is the goggle for tomorrow when the forecast calls for war.


Magnification: 1x

Field of View: 40 degree

Objective Lens: 27mm (f/1.2)

Focus Range: 25cm to infinity

Diopter Adjustment: +2 to -6 Diopters

Eye Relief: 25mm

Battery Options:

One CR123A – Up to 80 hours of operation

One AA w/adapter – Up to 30 hours of operation

One 18650 Rechargeable – Up to 120 hours operation

Remote Bat Pack w/adapter – Up to 220 hours of operation

Operating Temp: -40° C to + 49° C / -40° F to 120°F

Storage Temp: -51° C to + 71° C / -60° F to 160° F

Length: 4.7” / 145mm

Width: 4.4” / 112mm

Height: 2.9” / 74mm

Weight w/o Battery: 535 grams – Aluminum Bridge

450 grams – Acetal Polymer Bridge

Infrared Illuminator: Multi Element 25 foot flood

Depth Submersible: 66 feet / 20 meters


Adams Industries, Inc.

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