PVS-14 with Omni 8 Image Intensifier Tube

Embark on a night-time adventure with the Adams Industries PVS-14 featuring the Omni 8 Image Intensifier Tube. Renowned as the pinnacle of green night vision technology, the Omni 8 edition offers unmatched clarity and performance. With continued advancements from the latest contracts, experience the best-in-class night vision that professionals and enthusiasts alike aspire to own.


The Adams Industries PVS-14 Omni 8: Excellence in Night Vision

The Adams Industries PVS-14 Omni 8 stands as a testament to the evolution of night vision technology. While the Omni 8 was the last of the major Omni contracts, subsequent specialized contracts have led to newer technologies. However, for unparalleled green night vision, the Omni 8 remains the gold standard, offering exceptional performance and reliability.

Cutting-Edge Clarity and Sensitivity:

Equipped with the Omni 8 Image Intensifier, the PVS-14 boasts specifications that ensure superior night vision capability:

  • Resolution: Minimum of 64 Ip/mm for sharp, detailed images.
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: A solid minimum of 25 for clear, crisp viewing.
  • Photocathode Sensitivity: At least 2,000 uA/lm, uncovering details in the darkest environments.
  • Gain: A versatile range of 25,000 to 110,000 fL/fc, brightening the night.
  • Phosphor Type: P-43 phosphor, for the classic green imaging favored by professionals.

Customizable Optics for Enhanced Performance:

Tailor your PVS-14 Omni 8 with an optics package designed to meet diverse needs and preferences:

  • Mil-Spec Carson Optics: Standard military-grade, made in the USA for reliability and durability.
  • Light Package: Features a lighter eyepiece with the OPFOR mechanical package and Carson Optics objective, shedding 47 grams for enhanced comfort.
  • SuperLight Package: Combines the light eyepiece and OPFOR package with the CNV LW objective, the lightest option at 65 grams less, designed for ultimate portability (note: does not support screw-in objective filters).
  • RPO2 Package: Integrates RPO optics with the OPFOR mechanical package, reducing weight by 28 grams.
  • RPO3 Package: Employs RPO3 optics and the OPFOR mechanical package for a weight reduction of 32 grams, optimizing for agility and ease of use.

The Omni 8 Experience: Your Night Vision Companion

Choosing the Adams Industries PVS-14 Omni 8 is opting for a night vision device that balances legendary performance with the latest advancements. Whether for tactical applications, professional use, or personal exploration, the PVS-14 Omni 8, coupled with your choice of optics package, offers a customizable solution to meet your specific requirements. Embrace the night with confidence, supported by the best technology dollar for dollar.


Carson Optics Package, Light Optics Package, SuperLight Optics Package, RPO2, RPO3

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