PVS-14 with Omni 8 Image Intensifier Tube

The PVS-14 monocular is the greatest success story in night vision history. More PVS-14s have been fielded by the USA and its allies than any other night vision product ever made, and there is a reason why they still buy PVS-14s today. This is the tube for the Omni 8 contract for the US Government.


The PVS-14 night vision monocular is the Swiss Army Knife of night vision. You can hold it, camera mount it, head mount it, helmet mount it, and you can magnify it in any of these configurations. It is the most versatile piece of night vision that you can carry in your night vision kit, and it boasts unparalleled support. Simply put, you will never find a world in which there are no parts available for your PVS-14 night vision monocular. They are ubiquitous.

This complete PVS-14 comes with an MX11769 image intensifier tube. The Omni 8 MX11769 Image Intensifier is arguably the pinnacle of green phosphor 3rd generation image intensifier tubes.  This is the tube from the Omni 8 contract for the US Government.

For those who like their night vision green, this is an excellent choice in terms of performance per dollar spent.  The Adams Industries PVS-14 Night Vision Kit ships in the classic green soft case with J-Arm, objective cover/training filter, eyecup, batteries, and manual.  Comes with a two year warranty.


Resolution Ip/mm (min) 64
S/N (min) 25
Photocathode Sensitivity
in uA/W@2856K (min)
Sensitivity in uA/lm@830nm (min) 120 @ 830
Gain fL/fc (range) 25,000-110,000
MTF@2.5lp/mm (min) Nominal
MTF@7.5lp/mm (min) Nominal
MTF@15lp/mm (min) 0.61
MTF@25lp/mm (min) 0.38
Halo in mm (max) 1.0
Phosphor Type P-43
EBI x10^-11 (max) 3.0

*These were the contract minimum specs at the time of the Omni 8 Contract