NOPTIC search Light & Thermal Imager System Benefits for Search & Rescue and Maritime Operations

Have a Snowcat? With a NOPTIC, you can have a thermal imaging rescue vehicle. Small boats for shore and/or riverine interdiction and SAR? Another opportunity to use the power of thermal imaging to catch bad guys or rescue good people who need help.

Noptic Spotlight and Thermal Imaging System
  • Victim does not have to be conscious or able to draw attention to themselves to be detected.  They just have to be producing body heat.
  • In search and rescue, seconds count. Missing or injured persons can be located before lengthy search deployments are required.
  • Docks, piers, boats, and other obstacles can all present dangerous hazards to marine navigation especially at night or in fog.  With the NV3 NOPTIC, these objects are clearly visible against the uniform temperature of the surrounding water.
  • Infrared won’t ‘bloom’ or become blinded when hit with bright light such as headlights.
  • Wide areas can be scanned to ‘clear an area’, establish a perimeter or more quickly locate a missing person or “man-overboard”.
  • An area can be brought under control in less time.
  • Manpower and equipment resources are saved by reducing the need for foot searches, rescue dogs, helicopter(s), and flashlight expenses.
  • Buoys and markers are easily “seen”, even in pitch black or poor weather, allowing for efficient and safe navigation.
  • While light reflects off of foliage, infrared from a person behind a bush radiates through the foliage, allowing better detection in day and night conditions and the person need not be conscious.
  • Infrared is less prone to scattering and absorption by smoke, dust, and fog.  Rescue operations need not be stopped by weather as easily.
  • In maritime interdiction it is possible to surreptitiously surveil the suspect vessel before deciding to board or not.