It’s a Night Vision New Year

I hope you had a fun and safe New Year’s Eve and New Year’s “moment,” or whatever we call that point in time when an entire year is gone in an instant and a new year is upon us. Have you tried writing 2024 yet? It’ll take two weeks before my hand stops rebelling by writing the old numbers it remembers.

2023 was both a hard and successful year for Adams Industries and myself personally. The products from 2022 continued to have delivery and quality control problems, thus moving forward was no longer an option. We simply had the wrong products and the wrong partners. Then came some real soul searching, along with some sublimation of ego, and I decided that we would move toward a distributor model.

That is how our version of the 1431 line came about, along with the LLUL-21 and PVS-14. These all come from suppliers I know and trust, and I am proud to label them as “from Adams Industries.” They are selling and doing well.

Moves in 2024 will start off measured. We will introduce more thermal products from various vendors and include new night vision offerings. I continue to test products from both trusted and new sources to find ones I believe in and feel good about selling.

There will be a Locust V2 in 2024. It will be radically different from the last design and material. There will finally be a Sentinel V2. It will be a fixed bridge system, which I know is a yawn for all you ground pounders – but there are still folks in vehicles of all sorts for whom an articulating goggle has drawbacks. Rest assured, there will be an articulating goggle later in the year.

I’ll throw some personal stuff in because when your name is the company name, you kind of have to. January 23rd will be three years sober for me. If you are struggling then feel free to reach out – especially if AA doesn’t work for you. I’m happy to share what I did. This year, I met the woman I have always been meant to be with. She is the one who’s getting the web site exciting to look at.

During 2024 I hope that we are all living the life best described by the philosopher George Peppard: “I love it when a plan comes together.” I mean, unless you’re a competitor.

Talk soon.

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